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Important Kindergarten Registration Information


School registration for all children entering kindergarten next year and all first graders not currently enrolled in a Chelmsford Kindergarten will be on the following dates:
  February 14, 2017; 10am-2pm
 February 15, 2017;  3pm-7pm
 February 16, 2017;  3pm-7pm


Chelmsford Public Schools will have full day kindergarten beginning September 2017.

Children entering kindergarten must be 5 years of age on or before August 31, 2017.  Students entering first grade must be 6 years of age on or before August 31, 2017. 

Visit our website at and click on “Student Registration” or email:
230 North Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824



    Dr. Linda Hirsch and Dr. Matthew Beyranevand invite you to an #askCPS tweet chat on the first Thursday of the month. Our next chat will be on Thursday, March 2, 2017 from 8:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Topics discussed will be academics, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Join us with questions, ideas, and inquiries by adding the hashtag #askCPS to all your tweets at 8p.m. ET on March 2th.

South Row Announcements

  • Johnny the K

    School Wide Enrichment Program –2 performances

    February 1st

    Nationally acclaimed and award winning musician and teacher, John Kelleher along with his 12 string guitar and his unique collection of costumed hats, masks, and disguises, educates and inspires his audiences through his spirited and interactive style of music. His exciting and unique method of teaching and empowering children has been greeted with overwhelming approval and support for the past 26 years! John’s Character Building performance encourages children to...develop a positive attitude about themselves and their world around them; demonstrate a sense of pride in their accomplishments; always be determined to do their best; and learn to cooperate with one another. John has combined his experiences as a teacher and his talents as a musician to create a unique performance that uses lively music, humor, and creativity to inspire social awareness, social skills, learning, and self-respect while giving language arts experiences that teachers can incorporate into future lessons.


    For more information about Johnny the K go to:


    Museum of Science presents STARLABS

    February 7th


    Third grade students will enjoy learning about the dark, cloudless night sky with the Museum of Science’s portable STARLAB planetarium to South Row. This program presents a realistic model of the night sky over the town of Chelmsford the day of their visit. With the addition of video images and simulations, students get a close look at some of the most distant objects that can be seen from Earth. Students learn about the night sky as they are challenged to make observations and think like scientists both inside and outside the STARLAB. They explore how stars are different from one another and learn to recognize star patterns in the sky from cultures around the world. In an immersive activity, students use binoculars to better understand how we learn about the cosmos.


    For more information about STARLABS go to:


    South Row Science Fair

    It's that time of year again to get excited about the Science Fair!  The Science Fair will be held on Tuesday, February 28th from 6:30-8:00pm. All students from Kindergarten through Fourth grade are welcome to participate.  Attached you'll find information about the Science Fair along with a link to register. 

    If you have any questions please direct them to


    If your child is interested in seeing what the science fair is like, here is the link to last year’s event!


    International Festival Information

    The second annual South Row International Festival will take place on Saturday April 8th, 2017 from 1-4pm. This is a fun and enriching event intended to celebrate South Row's cultural diversity and allow the children to learn about other traditions and cultures. The event will consist of three major areas: Student display boards (optional for students to participate), Parent-led Interactive Stations, and Performances. All students attending the International Festival will be given a passport to collect stickers of flags from each country represented by a Student Display Board of an Interactive Station. We are looking for support on the following:


    Performances: If you know of a group who would be willing to perform on Saturday April 9th during the event (2-4pm), please contact us. Las year, we had performances such as an Indian dance group, a Chinese dance group, a Lebanese dance group, an Irish dance group, folk dances from around the world, piano performances and some martial arts groups. We can have more than one of the same type of dance group or troop. Please contact Jana ALDayaa if you have a group interested.


    Parent Interactive Stations: Wish list for interactive stations: Teach words in another language, write your name in another language, make a craft, play a game from another country, wear traditional clothing, use an instrument, demonstrate a tradition. We are hoping to get representation from each continent. You do not have to be from a country or continent to run a station. Please contact Melody Suong if you have a station that you and your family can run.


    Student Display Boards:

    Students are invited to pick a country and create a tri-fold display project, which will be showcased at the International Festival. Participating students will be given flag stickers representing their chosen country to be placed on the student passports. Instructions and registration details for Student Display Boards will be published in an upcoming Home Link.


    Family Photos from Around the World:

    We are hoping to create a slideshow during the International Festival featuring photos of family travels around the globe. Share your travel experiences with us. Please send pictures of your family trip(s) to be featured in our slideshow. We prefer that pictures show a landmark or object that has a strong representation of the country you visited. These can also be landmarks here in the United States. We hope that all South Row families will be represented! You may send pictures to


    Kind Acts at South Row… 

    South Row Families! Did you know that February is Heart Month? This year, your child will be able to get involved and learn about how to keep their hearts healthy. The American Heart Association runs an annual fundraiser which earns money to support their research and thousands of schools across America are involved! For two weeks in Phys Ed class, your child will learn the importance of helping others through this service-learning project. They will learn about the importance of taking care of their heart and how it works. If your child chooses to participate in the fundraiser then they also will feel good about making a difference in people’s lives! The parent letter and fundraiser packet will be sent home with your child Friday, February 3rd. The participatory fundraiser will run until March 3rd!


    February 14th will be our first annual Jump Rope for Heart Night at the South Row Gymnasium. Mrs. Brown will welcome students and families to join in our festivities. Each activity will revolve around jumping, fitness and making our hearts healthier. Due to our limited space in the gymnasium, we ask that K, 1, 2nd grade students are here from 5-6pm and 3rd and 4th grade students are here 6-7pm! Mark your calendars for a family fun night at South Row.

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  • Incoming Grade 5 - SCHOOL Fine & Performing Arts Options

    Incoming grade 5 letter - MCCARTHY.pdf

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