Common Core Implementation K-4: Professional Development To-Go!

  • On the right hand menu, you will find 4 PD modules, all of which explore different aspects of Common Core implementation in K-4. You may choose to complete one, or all of them. The modules are as follows:
    Module 1: The integrated nature of the Common Core
    Module 2: Understanding the major shifts in the Common Core
    Module 3: Understanding Common Core language 
    Module 4: How to best meet the needs of ELL and SPED students
    At the end of each module, there will be a prompt for reflection or the opportunity to write a lesson plan for students.
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  • Module 1: An Integrated Core

    This module provides a visual to understand the integrated nature of the Core. After examining the visual and your own Common Core standards, complete the reflection or the lesson plan to receive 2.5 PDPs.
    Integrated Core Module 1.pdf 328.12 KB (Last Modified on March 26, 2014)
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  • Module 2: Core Shifts

    In this module, you will examine the sources listed below and then pick and develop one of the products to demonstrate the usefulness of the information gained from the selections about major Common Core shifts.
    Module 2 to-go.docx 25.47 KB (Last Modified on March 31, 2014)
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  • Module 4: Common Core and Special Populations

    This module explores articles, a video, and a Powerpoint that examine how teachers can meet the needs of special populations when working toward Common Core standards.
    Module 4 Common Core and Special Education.docx 26.80 KB (Last Modified on April 2, 2014)
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